Maternity leave length around the world

Except they left out Sweden, which gives 69 weeks (yeah, that’s 1.5yrs of paid leave)



Interactive Dataset: County Health and Demographics

This visualization provides access to a large number of statistics for US counties, drawn from the American Community Survey (ACS) 5-year “profile” estimates (2009) and the Community Heath Status Indicators (CHSI). The bulk of the indicators initially displayed are from the CHSI, which covers a large subset of the nation’s counties sampled over a three year period, rather than from the ACS, which covers all counties with sampled data drawn from a five-year period. While the two datasets are not perfectly compatible, combining them in one visualization allows Weave users to see a broad range of county-level indicators for quick, rough comparisons. 

As configured initially, the scatterplot in the lower left corner plots Employment, as shown in the ACS table, against obesity rate (from CHSI), with a regression line to show the negative relationship between the two factors. The map shows percent obese in 2007. By clicking on the labels of the scatterplot axes, one can select from hundreds of other indicators. The data table in the lower right corner shows a small set of indicators from the CHSI. The CHSI dataset visualized here is from 2008. We expect to update the datset shortly to 2009.

The map includes a US States layer and a NASA satellite image layer in addition to the US Counties layer which is active.


Fun bonus: there are more datasets to be selected from the dropdown menu, top left corner

Read more about the platform used to display the graphic: Weave, a web-based analysis and visualization environment